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Tereza Nemessanyi on Honestly Now

Tereza Nemessanyi started quantifying herself in a time of great loneliness, after both her parents had died and she was missing their advice. She asked her friends for advice, but she found it to be polite and not always honest. So she built an app, Honestly Now, to let people anonymously ask for and give each other frank advice. In the video below, Tereza talks about what she learned from this project, including how to calibrate whether something is worth stressing about. (Filmed by the New York QS Show&Tell meetup group.)

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Quantified Self San Diego #2 Meeting Recap

On Tuesday Evening, January 18th, another inquisitive, intelligent and enthusiastic group of individuals came together to share and learn at the 2nd Quantified Self San Diego.

The event was hosted by Paula Nenn and Summer Rogers of Optimal Health and Prevention Research Foundation.  Paula attended our 1st QSSD, and was so in tune with what we were doing that she immediately offered her support by offering to host our next meeting.

After everyone socialized a bit over beverages and healthy snacks we started off the evening with a talk from Nate Heintzman, Ph.D. from Calit2 and the Biomedical Informatics Group at UCSD.

He shared information about his blood sugar as measured by the Dexcom SEVEN PLUS on an important and stressful day for him – the day he interviewed for a faculty positon.

The information from the device shows how you could appear to be diabetic, when you are actually stressed! Check out his talk on HealthGeek.TV at this link. UPDATE: (slides here) Continue reading

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Marco Castros on the Weighting Chair

Marco Castros loves food. He’s also interested in exploring the relationship we have with food, and how it changes depending on the company we are in. Marco spoke at the last New York QS Show&Tell meetup. In the video below, he describes how he hacked his Withings scale and designed a “Weighting Chair” that records the weight of anyone who sits in it. And yes, the chair tweets.

Marco Castros – Weighting Chair – 5-10 from Steve Dean on Vimeo.

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