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Matt Velderman on Improving Skin Health

Matt Velderman wanted to figure out his acne problem. He dove into researching acne treatments, tracking himself and modifying his diet and behavior. His approach was to try every possible thing that could help at once to solve the problem quickly, and then remove one thing at a time to figure out a minimal set of interventions. In the video below, Matt describes everything he tried, odd side effects, and how it’s working, as well as some other QS projects he’s doing, from bodybuilding to home energy usage. There’s a fun discussion at the end about how tracking yourself can impact romantic relationships. (Filmed by the Washington DC QS Show&Tell meetup group.)

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Ewart de Visser on Tracking Trading Performance of A Friend

Ewart de Visser had a friend who “didn’t like the whole work thing” and started speculating on foreign currencies. When Ewart asked him how much he was losing in his first few months, his friend wasn’t sure, so they set up a spreadsheet to start tracking his trading performance. In the video below, Ewart describes how he used data to modify his friend’s trading strategy to prevent big losses, as well as the interesting benefits of being tracked by someone other than yourself. (Filmed by the Washington DC QS Show&Tell meetup.)

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Quantified Self in Washington DC

Here’s a quick note from Xaq Rothman for all of you who live in DC:

HacDC, DC’s hackerspace, will be hosting a QS Show & Tell this coming Sunday at 6pm. If you’re in the area, come see self-tracking presentations on topics including quitting cigarettes, GPS logging, and songwriting.

For more about the presentations: http://www.hacdc.org/content/meet-quantified-self-presenters
RSVP for the Meetup event: http://www.meetup.com/DC-Quantified-Self/events/17505733/

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4 New QS Show&Tell Meetup Groups

Here’s a quick post for today to announce 4 new QS Show&Tell meetup groups that were recently born:

1. Brussels, organized by Candide Kemmler – Candide has jumped right in, already joining London QS organizer Denis Harscoat in a French radio interview about Quantified Self.

2. Washington DC, organized by Daniel Gartenberg – their upcoming meetup on January 31 will focus on the latest in biometrics.

3. Ottawa, organized by Artur Denysenko – the second QS group in Canada!

4. Mountain View – Health, organized by me – this is a new experiment to spin off a health sub-group from the popular Bay Area QS group. We will share personal health experiments and health-tracking stories in a cozier group setting.

This brings us to 14 QS Show&Tell meetup groups around the world! If you’d like to organize your own group, here’s a basic guide of how to get started.

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Upcoming QS Show&Tell Meetups Near You


Don’t be shy – come to a QS Show&Tell meetup! 
Say you’ve been reading this blog for a while. You’ve watched some self-tracking Show&Tell videos, read about some of the experiments people are doing, and now you’re thinking of coming out to a physical meetup. Great, this post is for you! 
Here is a schedule of upcoming Quantified Self Show&Tell meetups around the world, in chronological order – for newcomers and regulars too:

Boston‘s 3rd QS Show&Tell – August 10 at MIT Media Lab.

SF Bay Area‘s 15th QS Show&Tell – August 11 with Gordon Bell as a guest speaker. It looks like we will blow past our previous record of 100 people attending, so we’re in the process of finding a larger location. The new location will be emailed to all members of the meetup group.

New York City‘s 8th QS Show&Tell – sometime in August. Sign up on the meetup group to stay informed.
September – Quantified Self Comes to Europe!
Amsterdam, Netherlands‘ 1st QS Show&Tell – September 20, location TBD.
Washington DC‘s 1st QS Show&Tell – November 8 or 9 as part of the mHealth Summit. More details to come in a future post.
Other groups getting underway are in Sydney, Seattle, San Diego, and Chicago, and here is some advice if you want to start your own group
I hope you’ll join us at one of these events, to share what you’ve learned from your self-tracking project or to meet other enthusiasts. We look forward to meeting you!
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