A paid internship with Quantified Self is a chance to join a creative team that works in close collaboration to carry out novel research and editorial projects. We’re looking for people with with demonstrated commitment to science, journalism, technology, and/or design who also have a strong interest in the QS mission, which is to support new discoveries about ourselves and our communities that are grounded in accurate observation. We work with excellent and experienced collaborators around the world, and our internships are designed to allow us to learn from recent graduates who want opportunities in an emerging field.

Job Title: Associate Editor

The QS Associate Editor is expected to be an active editorial collaborator. Specific activities include:
Research and writing blog posts

  • WordPress posting and troubleshooting
  • Development/organization of editorial materials, including photo and video archives
  • Research, writing and production for special online projects, such as the QS Guide to Tools
  • Research and writing blog posts
  • Assisting and troubleshooting the editorial and content management system (Filemaker database)

Job Title: Research Associate

We are engaged in a relatively new and uncommon type of research: collaborative, participatory research using self-collected (QS) data. Our research associate will, with support of others, have the responsibility to understand our high level project goals, and, based on this understanding, identify and meet research milestones.

Areas of lead responsibility include:

  • documentation of experimental protocols
  • participant support and communication
  • project logistics, including test equipment and workflows
  • data wrangling
  • meeting and scheduling

Areas of collaborative responsibility include:

  • development of research protocols
  • contribution of new research questions
  • conceptualization of new research projects
  • writing and editing program documentation
  • managing outside contributors and contractors

Specific areas of responsibility include:

  • ordering, shipping, maintaining, calibrating, and supporting the testing equipment. (With the guidance of technically expert outside contributors.)
  • maintaining close personal contact with the research participants, and helping them with any testing and data collection issues.
  • supporting correspondence, invitations, program development, and documentation for a symposium.
  • collaborating and drafting (partially or completely) a white paper outlining the project’s purpose, processes, and outcomes.

Job Title: Funding Researcher and Grant Writer

QS Labs is also engaged in advocacy, publishing, and organizing events to support the evolution of single subject science. Our funding researcher and grant writer will play an active role in supporting this work through research about funding opportunities and grant writing.

Areas of lead responsibility include:

  • online research of funding opportunities
  • reading and summarizing grant program materials
  • attending webinars, seminars and conferences to learn from and talk with possible funders.
  • writing and editing reports to funders.

Areas of collaborative responsibility include:

  • writing and editing grant applications
  • strategic evaluation of funding prospects.
  • work with outside advisors, board members, and collaborators.
  • speaking about QS to outside stakeholders to raise interest among potential funders.
  • participating actively in the QS community.