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QS18: Thank You!

September 24, 2018

The Quantified Self Conference was held on September 22nd and 23rd in Portland, Oregon. Over the two days of the conference we had over eighty talks, presentations, and breakout discussions about self-tracking, everyday science, and “self-knowledge through numbers.”  Over the next few weeks we will be posting videos, slides and notes, but for now let us…


Whitney E. Boesel: Cholesterol Variability: Hours, Days, And My Ovulatory Cycle (Part II)

August 15, 2018

After conceiving a beautiful baby girl, Whitney E. Boesel participated in the Bloodtester’s Project – a group of self-trackers conducting their own experiments to better understand their cholesterol together. After having her baby, Whitney learned that her cholesterol was unusually high and she became curious to understand what the cause was. She presented her findings, Cholesterol Variability: Hours, Days,…


Vivienne Ming: Tracking My Son's Diabetes

August 10, 2018

Vivienne Ming is an accomplished neuroscientist and an entrepreneur, however this project is not about her kick-ass professional work, instead, it’s deeply personal about how she manages her son’s diabetes. Vivienne presented her project, Tracking My Son’s Diabetes at the 2013 QS Global Conference. When Vivienne’s not conducting research or working on new ideas she’s…


Announcing InsideTracker Give-Away for QS18 Attendees

July 13, 2018

We are excited to announce InsideTracker as a QS18 Exhibitor. Gil Blander, President and Initial Founder, gave a great talk introducing InsideTracker at the QS15 Conference + EXPO. InsideTracker puts the power of personalized nutrition into your hands, using your blood, DNA, and habits. They create evidence-based solutions that are simple, actionable, and personalized –…


Tracking Happiness: Ashish Mukharji

July 11, 2018

Another conceptually simple idea, but still just as profound, comes from a project by Ashish Mukharji called Tracking Happiness, presented at a Bay Area Meetup in 2013. It’s another great example of the timelessness of QS projects. QS’ers are constantly asking ageless questions where the answers are often in flux as our bodies and minds…


Tracking Gratitude: Dan Armstrong

July 6, 2018

Dan Armstrong kept a gratitude list for two years and shared his project Learning from Gratitude at a New York Meetup in 2015. Armstrong is a writer and in this talk, he shares how keeping a gratitude list every day for the past two year has changed his habits, actions and outlook. Every morning Armstrong…


Tracking Our Past: Ellis Bartholomeus

July 4, 2018

Ellis Bartholemeus is a big fan of quantifying and at QS17 she presented her project My Health Scars that shares her “quantified body” from tracking and measuring her physical scars. Scars represent memories from the past that are often derived from traumatic events. However, there can be deep learnings lived through each “representative” scar and…


Music Habits Analyzed Through Tracking: Steven Jonas

July 2, 2018

Steven Jonas presented his interesting project, Spaced Listening to the Bay Area Meetup Group at the Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley in 2017. In this project, Steven takes a very active role in his music engagement to increase his listening palate. Steven knows that he needs to listen to an album a few times…


Kids and QS at Quantified Self Conferences: Bill Schuller

June 25, 2018

To beat potential Summer boredom, hopefully this next highlighted project from Bill Schuller will give some inspiration. Bill Schuller presented QS Adventures with my Kids at the 2013 QS Global Conference in the Presidio, San Francisco. Bill started tracking his exercise and weight in 2010. His preschool-aged son, began to imitate Bill’s tracking behavior by regularly stepping…


Kids and QS at Quantified Self Conferences: Morgan Friedman

June 20, 2018

In the spirit of our upcoming QS18 Conference that will be focused on QS and learning, we want to share some great QS projects from past conferences that incorporate our greatest learners–children.  The projects come from teachers and parents and even a student himself, presenting how they learn using QS methods. Summer is upon us and…