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Ping’s Thesis – From Diary to Graph

September 12, 2008

Yesterday I wrote about the inaugural QS Show&Tell, where the very first show-and-teller, Ka-Ping Yee, stood up and explained that he had been tracking most of his activities over the last three years. (I didn’t want to use his name or link to his entry until I asked permission, which he quickly granted.) Below is…



September 11, 2008

On September 10, 2008, twenty-eight people interested in collecting all kinds of data about themselves held the first QS Show&Tell in Pacifica, California. Even before the meeting started, it attracted some good-natured ridicule in the Washington Post. People tracking their most mundane activities? Why? It’s a reasonable question. One of the most interesting things I…


Quantified-Self Show-N-Tell

September 5, 2008

Next Wednesday, September 10, dedicated quantified selfers in the Bay Area will meet at my studio for the second Bay Area show and tell. For an explanation of “the quantified self” check my blog The Quantified Self. In brief, the big idea is to use any measurement to bring about self-understanding and self-betterment. So we…