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Self-Experimentation: A Call for Change

June 18, 2011

In 1981, Allen Neuringer wrote a paper in the journal Behaviorism, calling for self-experimentation. Consider it your weekend reading assignment, should you choose to accept it. Neuringer presents a fascinating history and philosophy of self-science, as well as his perspective on the importance of self-experimentation. There are even some early experimental graphs on needing less sleep…


Forget-Me-Not: Personal Sensing in 1994

March 27, 2011

Here’s a bit of ancient history in the automated self-tracking world. A biography-generating device called Forget-Me-Not was really a lifelogging app before web development and ubiquitous cell phones came along. Watch the video below for a fascinating peek into the past of self-tracking. Thanks to Mik Lamming for sending this in.


What is The Quantified Self?

March 3, 2011

With our first Quantified Self conference coming up, many people are learning about the Quantified Self for the first time. (Welcome, newcomers!) Here, I’ll give some of the history of the Quantified Self, with a focus on why we’re organized the way we are, and some ideas about how you can get the most out…


Family History, Please

November 26, 2007

As the Gene Sherpa rightly points out, a significant step in knowing yourself healthwise is to create a family health history. In most cases currently organizing the state of your ancestors health will be more informative than getting your genes sequenced.  There’s even a federal initiative of the US Department of Health & Human Services…