Show & Tell #11

It’s been a while since our last meetup, so we are totally excited to seeing you again. Since it is going to be the 11th edition of the Munich Quantified Self Show & Tell, we will celebrate with inspiring talks and a smart crowd in the wonderful office of our location host Wayra Innovation Hub in the center of Munich.

The lineup is coming together nicely…

Philipp Merck – Data Analysis, Blood marker tracking and supplementation in the 21st century

One of the co-founders of Loewi, a startup in Munich that allows you to track your blood results and get personalized supplementation routine going.

Christoph Tischner – Making sitting behavior measurable: What modern office people do to themselves every day

Cristoph is a co-founder of 8sense is a portable and smart back coach consisting of a wearable sensor that can detect and analyse postures and movement patterns and the associated analysis app.

Alo Ibrahim – What I learned from years of self-quantification, self-experimentation and liberation of my susceptibility to infection, hay fever, and allergic asthma.

Potentially there is more to come. We will update the program on this page!