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How My Life Automation System Quantifies My Life

Tahl Milburn

Tahl Milburn presents LIAM, a life automation system he created. It's a system that gives him a 360 view of his life and its automatic system. He focuses on 9 elements that keep someone happy: physical, mental, spiritual, assets, vocation, interests, experiences, relationships, community.

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Fight For Your Right To Recess

Cantor Soule-Reeves

Cantor Soule-Reeves is an 8 year old who goes to Richmond Elementary School in Portland, Oregon. The students of Richmond Elementary get 20 minutes of recess every day, however, when it rains recess is canceled. And, it rains a lot in Portland—about 164 days a year on average.

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Visualizing Physiological Data

Rain Ashford

Rain Ashford is a PhD student in the Art and Computational Technology Program at Goldsmiths, University of London. Her work is based on the concept of “Emotive Wearables” that help communicate data about ourselves in social settings. This research and design exploration has led her to create unique pieces of wearable technology that both measure and reflect physiological signals.

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My Blood Values From Diet And Other Activities

Benjamin Best

Ben Best measured his blood glucose, ketones, triglycerides, and cholesterol in response to a wide variety of foods and other activities. He'll show how his analysis changed his dietary choices.

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Draw a Face a Day

Ellis Bartholomeus

Ellis Bartholomeus is a game designer and received a book from her sister called "Face a Day" which got her curious about how she could motivate herself to change her behavior. She started drawing a face a day for six months and began to track more information like weather, drinking and food. She shares how she found ways to become both happier and healthier using her visualized data.

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Life Logging: Using Spreadsheets

Phil von Stade

Phil von Stade has been life logging for most of his life using spreadsheet. In this talk, he shares how a calendar as a search tool as a way to leverage your accomplishments and as an index to 150,000+ photos! A simple spreadsheet can be your friend. .

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The Weight of Things Lost

Kaiton Williams

Kaiton Williams is a PhD student at Cornell University in the department of Information Science. Over the last few years, he’s been interested in how people use technology to understand and create the stories of themselves. In this talk, he discusses his experience with self-tracking and the mental and social tension inherent in the numerical definition of life.

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Tracking Parkinsons & Medication

Sara Riggare

Sara Riggare is an engineer, graduate student, and mother. She also has Parkinson’s Disease. In this talk, she shares her insights and experience with tracking how her medication impacted her movement throughout the day and how that enabled her to have more meaningful conversations with her healthcare team.