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Long-term Nutrient Logging and Systematic Analysis

Alan Gale

Alan Gale is a chief biomedical engineer for Biologic Health. Alan became interested in nutrients when he was an undergraduate student at CAL while working for a health food store. In the talk, he shares his experiences and discovery.

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High Carbohydrate Diet

Greg Pomerantz

Greg Pomerantz was curious about the effect of carbohydrate intake on his various health indicators. After eating a low carbohydrate diet for a few years Greg wanted to see what happened if he reversed course and switched to a high carbohydrate diet (mostly fish and rice). Watch this quick talk, filmed at the New York QS Meetup group, to see what he learned.

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A Goal For Each Month

Florian Schumacher

In the beginning of 2014 Florian set himself twelve goals, one for every month. In his Show&Tell he’ll present the achievements in nutrition, fitness, sleep, and productivity that he's made in 2014.

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Parkinson's Tracking Update

Kevin Krejci

Kevin Krejci presents a short update about the ongoing self-tracking and treatment projects he’s undergoing as part of living with Parkinson’s Disease. Back in January, Kevin first presented his tracking journey and how he’s using different tools to understand and improve his life. Watch this talk to see how he’s progressing.

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To Teach Quantified Self, First Know Thyself

Michael Lim

Michael Lim, teacher, and Alex Truong, 12th grader, redesigned the AP Statistics course at Summit Shasta High School to have students learn by analyzing their self-tracking data. They prepared by doing their own QS project with Rescuetime, MyFitnessPal, multivariate regression, and more.

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Salt & Carb

Winslow Strong

Winslow Strong talks about some dietary experiment he did. Winslow experimented with eating a very low carbohydrate paleo diet and how he introduced salt and carbohydrates after being on a Paleo diet. .

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An open and integrated platform

Daniel Nofal

Daniel Nofal is the president of The Wikilife Foundation. After his father, a healthy 64 years old man, contracted a rare blood cancer that ended his life, it opened his eyes to the current state of health knowledge. He thought the health information that researchers have is fragmented and it lacks scale, and the health information the public has bias and is unreliable, thus the need for a Wikipedia of crowdsourced health information.

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My Road to Optimal Health and Lifespan

Michael Lustgarten

Michael Lustgarten talks about his plan to achieve the world's longest lifespan through key health metrics. The presentation took place at the Boston Quantified Self meetup on June 27, 2016.

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A Life Of Fractals

Justin Timmer

In 2014, Justin Timmer started tracking himself using a wearable and afterwards an app. Justin actively tracks about 69 variables on a daily basis and has completed a total of 22 experiments on himself. In this video, he talks about the frailty of his life and why he tracks these variables.