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Improving my Sleep

Ben Finn

Ben Finn talks about how his self-experiments led to greatly improved sleep (after many failed attempts to find an optimisation).

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Tracking and Improving My Sleep

Daniel Gartenberg

Quantified Self organizer and cognitive science researcher, Daniel Gartenberg, is interested in sleep and his passion is this idea of not just tracking sleep but actually being able to improve sleep. He also makes sleep apps. He started tracking his sleep after his business partner contacted him on a recent scientific finding, where basically one could enhance deep sleep auditory stimulation that replicates the frequency of one's own brainwaves when in deep sleep.

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Sleep As A Galaxy

Danielle Roberts

Danielle Roberts shares the background behind the artwork that she designed for Emfit. Danielle is a long-time tracker and took a month of sleep data she captured using Emfit. She analyzed the data and visualized it into a final presentable art piece that she calls "Sleep as a Galaxy.

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Putting Numbers to Sleep

Maria Benet

Maria Benet has been tracking her sleep since July, 2014. She wanted to track her sleep so she can learn more about her sleep patterns. A good night’ sleep makes her positive, productive, and active.

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To Sleep-Perchance To Rem

Ariel Berwaldt

For about the past 10 years, Ariel was consistently and chronically fatigued and tired and I really didn’t know why. Ariel went to many doctors and got many diagnoses and a lot of medications and nothing really seemed to be helping. Ariel then went into a sleep study, a polysomnography, and it came out that she had sleep apnea with zero percent deep sleep and would waken up about 10 times an hour.

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Sleep Patterns

Laurie Frick

Laurie Frick is a visual artist that make work, objects, and installations that relate to brain rhythm. In the video, she presents her amazing work on daily activity charts and sleep charts translated to art. She measured her nightly sleep for over 3 years using a ZEO eeg headband and has almost 1000 nights of sleep data.

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My Journey with Sleep Monitoring

Christel de Maeyer

Like many people, Christel de Maeyer felt that her sleep could be better. Presenting at our 2013 conference in Europe, Christel shares what she learned from collecting over three years of sleep data. Before self-tracking, Christel felt that she woke up frequently during the night, and the Zeo confirmed this.

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Tracking My Sleep And Resting Heart Rate

Jakob Eg Larsen

Jakob Eg Larsen is an Associate Professor at the Technical University of Denmark. He has long-term data on his sleep and his resting heart rate. In this video, Jakob talks about how these two types of data linked.

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Sleep and Food: an experiment in progress

Tim Vink

Tim Vink is a student at Delft University of Technology, Holland. In this talk, he shares how he got started with the Quantified Self movement. He also discusses his 40 day experiment on sleep and what he learned.

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Concussions, Headaches and the Whole30 Elimination Diet

Steven Zhang

Steven Zhang shares his history of tracking and measuring concussions, headaches and sleep patterns along with an intervention he did to improve his sleep. After constantly suffering from headaches, he decided to take action and track them post a concussion the year prior. He used Taplog to collect his data to analyze if he was indeed improving.