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Concussions, Headaches and the Whole30 Elimination Diet

Steven Zhang

Steven Zhang shares his history of tracking and measuring concussions, headaches and sleep patterns along with an intervention he did to improve his sleep. After constantly suffering from headaches, he decided to take action and track them post a concussion the year prior. He used Taplog to collect his data to analyze if he was indeed improving.


Jaw-Dropping Infographics for Beginners

Alexandra Carmichael

Jeff Heer of Stanford and Nathan Yau of FlowingData give their insight on the easiest tools available for beginners to create jaw-dropping infographics.


Tim Ngwena: My Music Listening Habits

Ernesto Ramirez

In 2009 Tim Ngwena switched on and he’s been running in across all his devices ever since. Earlier this year he decided to take a deep dive into his listening data to see what he could learn.


2015 QS Visualization Gallery: Round 4

Ernesto Ramirez

We’re excited to share another round of personal data visualizations from our QS community. Below you’ll find another five visualizations of different types of personal data. Make sure to check out Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 as well! Name: Damien Catani Description: This is an overview of how I have been doing today against my daily habit targets.


Steven Zhang: Concussions, Headaches and the Whole30 Elimination Diet

Steven Jonas

  At every conference, a synchronicity will occur where a few talks cover a similar, but previously unexplored topic. At QS15, we were surprised to see an increased discussion of concussions. It's hard to know whether this is due to random chance or a glimmer of the zeitgeist, but we like to take note of these little waves of how people are finding new ways to understand themselves, or in this case, overcome strife.

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The Arithmetic of Life

David Gordon

David Gordon does strategy at Intel. He's had diabetes for 15 years. He talks about diabetes and the importance of numbers from the perspective of a type 1 diabetic.

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Past Present Future

Sara M. Watson

Sara Watson talks about how she uses digital time capsules like Timehop to resurface some of her archived personal data. She also talks about her family history of self tracking and genealogy. Tracking and reflecting on that data gives her a sense of time, place, history, and context.

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Self-Monitoring and Cancer Survivorship

Ian Clements

After being diagnosed with terminal cancer, Ian started measuring even more of his lifestyle in the hope of surviving longer. In this talk, he shares how self-monitoring with a body composition monitor is a useful took for assessing cancer progress between doctor visits, potentially allowing lifestyle relationships with it to be explored. .

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Me, Myself and I - A Dream Tracking Tale

Luka Mascaro

Luka Mascaro is one of the designers of Dreamboard. He talks about how he used Dreamboard to track his dreams. Dreamboard is a simple tool for android and iOS that you can use for log dreams and structural data in a structural way and the online version gives you some information.

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Measuring Exhaustion and Readiness

Philipp Kalwies

Philipp Kalwies talks about the risks of over-training and how an athlete can measure their body's level of exhaustion. He believes that the right amount and intensity of training is the key to successful performance for athletes. In this talk, he discusses the testing of a new device which promises to conveniently deliver data that athletes need to measure their exhaustion and intensity and help to find the right moment for their next workout.