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Scientific progress in medicine and public health during the last century has been dominated by studies performed with groups of people. Today, with advances in computing and self-tracking technology, software for data visualization and analysis, and web access to scientific literature and peer support, many individuals collect data to help themselves investigate a health problem, make progress towards a goal, or simply because they are curious. Often, they involve just a single person who is both the subject and the investigator. We define Quantified Self as this practice of making self-initiated observations for the purpose of personal discovery.


Everyday science and healthcare: How do they connect?

Quantified Self methods have been recognized by many public health professionals as a powerful way to empower patients to take control of their health and their care. Integrating these innovative methods with traditional methods of care have, unsurprisingly, proved to be a challenge. For healthcare and allied professionals, we’ve collected a group of show&talks that show how people are using self-tracking methods in their care and how that is impacting their relationship with their health providers.

Show&Tell Talks About Healthcare Practices

QS Institute

QSI strives for co-creation of QS methods and techniques aimed at self-reliance (i.e. prevention, self-management and lifestyle interventions). The extensive and highly practical knowledge that we have gained from years of QS research is of great value to students worldwide. We teach local and international students about the tools and methods of self tracking, making them more aware of QS and preparing them to become health care professionals of the future. Currently, we are involved in the following educational programmes at Hanze UAS: Minor in Global Health & Quantified Self, Minor in Healthy Ageing, the Global Health & Quantified Self Summerschool and the Honours Minor in Research Skills.

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