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Are Self-Trackers Narcissists?

February 17, 2009

“Are self-trackers narcissists? Results from NPI-16” at the QS Show&Tell; video by Paul Lundahl. Are self-trackers narcissists? In the video above, from the recent QS Show&Tell, I report on trying to find an answer. Here I give a quick summary of that talk and a reference link. I decided to run this test because a…


Measuring Mood – Current Research and New Ideas

February 11, 2009

A post discussing the nuances behind designing experiments that track mood, including insights into the debate as to whether negative and positive emotions should be measured as polar opposite or considered states that can be experienced at the same time.


Matt Cutts hacks his WiiFit for biometrics

February 4, 2009

Courtesy of the always courteous Paul Lundahl,  we have some video from the recent QS Show&Tell to share. Here’s the first, with Matt Cutts talking about hacking his WiiFit into a more or less automated weight tracking system. If you like what he’s talking about, you can look on his blog for explicit instructions. Right…


QS SHOW&TELL IV – Tracking Pain, Tracking Happiness

January 28, 2009

Last night’s QS Show&Tell was, for me, one of the most interesting so far. The setting was a beautiful, large classroom in South Hall, home of the UC Berkeley School of Information, and the oldest building on the campus.  (The photo above is by Charles C. Benton, and it was taken from a kite.)   Presentations…


QS SHOW&TELL – Tonight!

January 27, 2009

All hands on deck for the QS Show&Tell tonight – it looks like it will be fun and interesting. DETAILS HERE And thanks to everybody who took the QS survey. I know it wasn’t comfortable for many to take this kind of “forced choice” survey, but hopefully it will be worth it and we will…