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How to Download Minute-by-Minute Fitbit Data

September 26, 2014

NOTE: The methods detailed in this post no longer work. The post is kept here for archival purposes, but unfortunately you will not be able to access your Fitbit data by following the steps. Earlier this week we posted an update to our How To instructions for downloading your Fitbit data to Google Spreadsheets. This…


How To Download Fitbit Data Using Google Spreadsheets: An Update

February 19, 2013

Editors Note: The method outlined below no longer functions. We are keeping it up for archival purposes. (3/22/19) Editors Note: We’ve updated this post to reflect Google’s move to a new version of their spreadsheet application. The newest version no longer support the Script Gallery mentioned here. We have included a link in the instruction…


FitBit + Google Spreadsheets = Awesome

July 12, 2011

This post and instructions are no longer up to date. For a current how-to please visit the updated post.  On February 11th FitBit released their API into the wild and let developers get to work. Since then there have been some very neat integrations. One of the best uses of the API it the open…