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Peter Lewis on Meditation and Brain Function

July 18, 2014

As a long-time meditator, Peter Lewis had a suspicion that meditation could improve brain function, so he conducted a self-experiment and enlisted a few other individuals to help test his hypothesis. By using an arithmetic testing application, a timed meditation app, and an ABA research design he was find out that there was some support…


Will Butter Make You Smarter? Introducing Butter Mind…and Coconut Mind

October 13, 2010

Update: 10/19/10 – Study is now open to users at http://genomera.com/studies/butter-mind Will eating one of these fats improve your math performance?  Based on Seth Roberts’ butter and math study, recently presented at a Bay Area Quantified Self Show & Tell, during which Seth ate half a stick of butter each day and performed better in…


Can You Eat Yourself Smarter?

October 29, 2008

Here is a great presentation by Tim Lundeen from the recent QS Show&Tell. Tim is running some interesting self-experiments on diet and cognition. QS_081023_03_Tim_Lundeen from Paul Lundahl on Vimeo. Diet and cognition is a topic of such obvious interest that it regularly breaks through into the popular press and the science blogs. For instance, eating…