Quantified Apple Health with the Apple Team

Event #8 – Quantified Apple Health

This event focuses on the Health app on iPhone and how it links with Apple Watch Series 4 and the activity app. We have Apple employees to talk about the four main pillars of health: activity, nutrition, sleep and meditation and some of the apps that link in with these areas, as well as a chance to explore the new features of Apple Watch Series 4.

This event will be lead by the Business & Health team at Apple Store, Belfast Victoria Square.

Event Type : Casual Networking

Event Schedule

From 5:30pm – Meet at Starbucks Victoria Square for networking

6:15pm – Arrive at Apple Store Belfast, Victoria Square

6:30pm – Interactive Presentation by Apple Team

8:00pm – Networking

8:30pm – Close

Many thanks to @Apple #Belfast for hosting this event.

Apple Store Belfast : https://www.apple.com/uk/retail/victoriasquare/

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