Gary Wolf Bio

Gary Wolf is the founder of the Quantified Self and the director of the nonprofit Article 27 Foundation.

Wolf’s cover story in the New York Times Magazine introduced the emerging practices of self-tracking to the general public, and remains the definitive description of the Quantified Self movement. Wolf’s TED talk on the Quantified Self has been watched more than a million times. His work at QS Labs has been covered in media outlets like The Economist, Financial Times Magazine, BBC, NPR, and many others.

As a journalist and editor, Wolf has been covering the intersection of technology and culture for two decades. After joining early editorial team at Wired magazine in 1994, Wolf became the first executive producer of Wired Digital, where he launched a series of pioneering web publications, including the leading daily technology news title, Wired News. Wolf’s work has been collected in The Best American Science Writing, and The Best American Science and Nature Writing. He was a 2005-2006 Knight Fellow at Stanford University. In 2010, Wolf was awarded the Kavli Science Journalism prize from the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Wolf is the author of two books: Wired – A Romance; and Dumb Money, both published by Random House. A partial list of publications is here.