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Quantifying Emotions

Matthew Dobson

Matt Dobson is working on automatic affect recognition, which basically means quantifying emotions beyond self-reporting. In this talk, Matt walks through the current technologies available to passively detect emotions, helpfully explaining things like galvanic skin response, heart rate variability, and speech tone. He also gives some hints as to where the future of emotion tracking lies.

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Nasal Breathing Improves Wellbeing

Scott Wolf

Scott Wolf is a physician and a medical device inventor who is fascinated with noses. He thinks nasal breathing is important and essential for health, but also for mood energy and well-being. He shares his experiences with Breath Right Strip and how his mood and his well-being improves when he wears it.

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Data from my iPhone ECG

David Albert

David Albert discusses how to understand Quantified Self and how the community can embrace it. He describes three efforts that aimed at marshaling and using Quantified Self. He shares his data from his iPhone ECG that he has pioneered through AliveCor.

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Self Tracking Awareness and Change

Charles Wang

Charles Wang is a cofounder of Lumo. In this talk, he speaks about how self-tracking leads to self-awareness, which ultimately leads to profound change in people’s lives. .

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New Media Medicine

John Moore

John Moore has a biomedical engineering background and became interested in medicine. However after practicing for years, he quit partly because he was frustrated and kind of embarrassed with the way medicine was practiced. He felt people weren't involved enough in the process.

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2 years of tracking weight diet and sleep

Randy Sargent

Randy Sargent, a researcher at Carnegie MacMillan University, talks about what he's learned from tracking his weight for over two years.

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Arterial Stiffness

Renate Zwijsen

Renate Zwijsen talks about arterial stiffness, some new insights and biomarkers for cardio physical health. Arterial stiffness refers to the elasticity of the arteries, as one ages so does his/her blood vessels. About half of the people suffering from heart disease have normal blood pressure and normal cholesterol and it's likely linked to arterial stiffness, which is a strong independent predictor of heart attack and stroke.

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Keeping Track Of My Personal Development

Juvoni Beckford

Juvoni Beckford discusses how tracking helped him rise above the impoverished area he grew up in in the Bronx. Using mobile apps/services, Juvoni talks about the core areas of tracking that helped him train his intuition to form keystone habits that helped take him where he wanted to go.

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Measuring My Blood Glucose

Philipp Kalwies

I've been tracking my blood glucose though I'm not a person with diabetes. Here is what I've learned and the difference it has made in my life.