Author: John Amschler


Gary Wolf on Listening

October 31, 2011

Gary Wolf shares “What we learned from starting Quantified Self” and starts off sharing a key journalistic secret – listen! He explains the biggest ‘surprise’ to come out of the QS experiment – face to face meetings are a key element in the collaborative knowledge making process. And in order to grow our family, let’s…


Eri Gentry on Social QS Studies

October 24, 2011

Eri Gentry describes her presentation ‘Social Studies’ as “like Quantified Self, but Quantified Us!” She has always been wiling to be a participant in normal experiments; however, she now realizes that she wants her data to improve herself. Now she uses to run her own experiments that allow the participants to be actively involved…


Joe Betts-LaCroix on Fitbit vs. Zeo

October 17, 2011

The entertaining and curious Joe Betts-Lacroix shares his investigation to decide which device he will use to track sleep. He includes how he uses each device, his opinions and how one device makes him feel that his sleep matters! (Filmed at the Quantified Self Silicon Valley meetup at Stanford’s Calming Technologies lab.)


Quantified Self + HealthCamp = Innovative Conversations!

March 13, 2011

Come join the Quantified Self San Diego crew at HealthCamp San Diego as we host this month’s Show & Tell unconference style! If you live in San Diego or if you are here for Health 2.0 Spring Fling then this is the place for you! This event is a great opportunity to show your best…


Quantified Self San Diego #2 Meeting Recap

January 22, 2011

On Tuesday Evening, January 18th, another inquisitive, intelligent and enthusiastic group of individuals came together to share and learn at the 2nd Quantified Self San Diego. The event was hosted by Paula Nenn and Summer Rogers of Optimal Health and Prevention Research Foundation.  Paula attended our 1st QSSD, and was so in tune with what…


Recap of San Diego’s first Show & Tell

November 19, 2010

This past Tuesday Evening over twenty people attended the first Quantified Self San Diego Meetup hosted by West Wireless Health Institute in La Jolla, CA. There was a great group of people from varying backgrounds including Bio-Tech, Neurobiology, Engineering, Wireless, Academia, Finance, Philosophy, Physics, Health Care, Medica and many more! The first talk of the…


1st San Diego QS Show & Tell (Nov 16, 2010)

October 28, 2010

Hello from San Diego where we’re excited to announce our first Quantified Self Show & Tell! San Diego has a rich history in both Wireless Technology and the Life Sciences. Many companies have combined talent from both fields and are collaborating to create future technologies. These technologies will be small, low power, minimally invasive, easy…