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How to Map Your Moves Data

March 14, 2014

In the Quantified Self community we focus on projects and ideas that help people access and get meaning out their personal data, including the information you can collect with your smartphone. If you have an iPhone, Android, or Windows phone you’re already have carrying of the world’s most sophisticated self-tracking tools. The GPS, accelerometer, the…


How To Make A Sparktweet

April 13, 2013

Data visualization theorist and pioneer, Edward Tufte, popularized the use of sparklines, which he describes as “datawords: data-intense, design-simple, word-sized graphics.” Learn to display your own quantitative data to Twitter with a Sparktweet.


How To Download Fitbit Data Using Google Spreadsheets: An Update

February 19, 2013

Editors Note: The method outlined below no longer functions. We are keeping it up for archival purposes. (3/22/19) Editors Note: We’ve updated this post to reflect Google’s move to a new version of their spreadsheet application. The newest version no longer support the Script Gallery mentioned here. We have included a link in the instruction…


QS Primer: Case-Crossover Design

August 21, 2012

We’ve already published this QS Show&Tell talk by Mark Drangsholt about using self-tracking to identify the triggers of his heart problems, lessen their frequency, and make good decisions about treatment. I’m re-posting it here to focus on attention on the interesting and powerful method Mark used, the case-crossover design, and invite you to think about…


QS Primer: Spaced Repetition and Learning

June 22, 2012

Many people think the Quantified Self mostly involves physical metrics: heart rate, sleep, diet, etc. but what about what goes on in our brains? Can we quantify that? There have been several inspiring Quantified Self talks about tracking learning and memory. This post will collect all of them into one place, along with good resources…