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Tidings: QS Ann Arbor Meetup Recap

February 5, 2015

Today’s post comes to us from PF Anderson, Emerging Technologies Informationist for the Health Sciences, University of Michigan and a member of the QS Ann Arbor meetup group. It first appeared on her excellent Emerging Technologies Librarian blog and we’re happy to republish it here. Last week, I felt really lucky that I was able to make…


Tidings: QS Stockholm Show&Tell

November 7, 2014

On October 23rd, the QS Stockholm meetup group meetup collaborated with the Bionyfiken, a Swedish biohacking meetup, to host a meeting at the Karolinska Institute. We’re happy to share a recap from Mina Makar and Dina Titkova, a member and co-organizers of QS Stockholm .  The meetup was conducted in a very relaxed atmosphere starting with a small introduction by the…


Tidings: QS Melbourne Show&Tell

August 12, 2014

Today’s Tidings dispatch comes to us from Phil Goebel, organizer of the QS Melbourne meetup group. Recently, they held their sixth Show&Tell meetup, which focussed on discussing new self-tracking tools. They also announced a new project – The QS Device Library. Read below to learn more about this exciting idea and what transpired at the…


Tidings: QS St. Louis Show&Tell

July 28, 2014

The St. Louis QS meetup group just checked in with a recap of their fifth show&tell meetup. They’ve been growing fast, with now over 100 members in their community and are exploring fun new ways to encourage and inspire their group. Last week, about 20 members got together to watch and discuss some of their…


Tidings: QS Washington DC Show&Tell

July 25, 2014

Today’s Tidings dispatch is from Daniel Gartenberg, co-organizer of the Washington DC meetup group. Read below to hear about their recent meetup. It sounds like a great time and we can’t wait to share the videos from these interesting talks. We had our biggest meetup yet at 1776 – a start-up hub located in the…


Tidings: QS Auckland Show&Tell

July 22, 2014

We’ve just heard from Camille Nicodemus about the sixth Auckland, New Zealand QS Show&Tell held on July 15, 2014 . Since Auckland is still getting off the ground they’re currently hosting about 6-8 people at the meetup, where they discuss their personal tracking projects in a open round-table format. They have been getting some recognition in their area as…


Tidings: QS Southern Oregon Show&Tell

July 21, 2014

Our friends in Southern Oregon had their 3rd Quantified Self meeting yesterday at Rogue Hack Lab, a makerspace in Medford, Oregon. Dr. Dawn Lemanne, who organized the meeting, recorded the event on her mobile, and we’ll post it as soon as it arrives. One especially interesting note from this meeting: We hear from Dr. Lemanne that the attendees had…