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How To Measure and Maximize Creative Thoughts

February 13, 2010

Do you want to be more creative? Justin Wehr does, and he sent in this question for the QS advisory board. ———- Name: Justin Wehr Purpose: My objective is to measure creative thoughts so I can figure out how to maximize them. Variables tracked: I have some variables related to this, but not enough. For…


How To Measure Small Effects in Your Data

December 18, 2009

If you make a change to your daily routine or try a new medication, how do you know if it is working? This was the question Bard sent in for the QS Scientific Advisory Board. His challenge was met by Neil Rubens, Teresa Lunt and David Goldberg. Read Bard’s question and their answers below. And if…


What Tools Should I Use To Make Tracking Easier?

December 6, 2009

Jeremy Johnson sent in this question for the illustrious QS Scientific Advisory Board, so we set about finding an answer for him. Gordon Bell and Seth Roberts responded with lightning speed! Jeremy’s question and their answers are below. If you have a question about your self-tracking that you’d like some help with, let me know….


Introducing The Quantified Self Advisory Board!

October 14, 2009

Do you need help with your self-tracking data analysis? Is there a specific problem or burning question about your experiment design that you’d love some guidance on? Gary and I are proposing an idea to help – read on for details! We’ve gathered an amazing Quantified Self Scientific Advisory Board to be part of our…