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Jim Keravala on Mind Mapping

August 23, 2010

At our June Bay Area Quantified Self Show&Tell, Jim Keravala of Flaii gave us a brief tour of the mind map he developed using TheBrain. He spends 1-2 hours a day entering information into his virtual brain, and has recorded about 65,000 thoughts so far. He feels that the main benefit he gets from it is enhanced recall, which has given…


Bharat Vasan on The Pulse Tracer

August 15, 2010

At our June Bay Area Quantified Self Show&Tell, Bharat Vasan demonstrated his PulseTracer heart rate monitor. The prototype watch+monitor betrayed his nervousness at public speaking by flashing a heart rate of 120 bpm on his wrist. In the video below, Bharat describes how this single measure serves as an indicator of the stressfulness of situations…


Bay Area QS Show&Tell #14 – Recap

June 24, 2010

This was the scene two days ago, when the lower floor of the Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose was opened after hours to an energetic group of Quantified Self enthusiasts and interested spectators. The first 90 minutes was filled with mingling, enjoying healthy munchies, and gathering around the various devices that people brought…