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Siva Raj: Normalizing Blood Pressure by Improving Fitness

November 4, 2014

Siva Raj was interested in lowering his blood pressure. With a family history of cardiovascular disease and heart attacks he was worried about slightly elevated blood pressure (pre-hypertension). As someone engaged with understanding and building fitness applications he thought he would be able to lower his blood pressure by staying on track with a regular…


Jamie Williams: Exploring my Data

October 31, 2014

Jamie Williams found himself with almost two years of self-tracking data including physical activity, blood pressure, and weight. Because of his interest in data visualization and coding he decided to learn how to access it the data and work on visualizing and understanding some of the trends and patterns. In this talk, presented at the…


Taking Blood Pressure at Home – How Often?

October 7, 2009

Gilles Chatellier, ‘Feasibility Study of N-of-1 Trials With Blood Pressure Self-MonitoringHypertension, 25 (2): 294 – Hypertension I measure blood pressure at home. Unfortunately, it is easy to become bored with this procedure, and neglect it. In fact, it is more fun to wonder why measuring blood pressure is so boring than actually measuring blood pressure,…