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Bay Area Meetup Recap

March 28, 2017

Last week the QS Bay Area group got together for an evening of Show&Tell talks at the Institute For The Future in Palo Alto. There were talks on gut health, time management, statistics and a self-experimentation lab. The first talk was from Karl Heilbron about a simple experiment where he supplemented his diet with probiotics and had…


Tidings: QS Ann Arbor Meetup Recap

February 5, 2015

Today’s post comes to us from PF Anderson, Emerging Technologies Informationist for the Health Sciences, University of Michigan and a member of the QS Ann Arbor meetup group. It first appeared on her excellent Emerging Technologies Librarian blog and we’re happy to republish it here. Last week, I felt really lucky that I was able to make…


Tidings: QS Southern Oregon Show&Tell

July 21, 2014

Our friends in Southern Oregon had their 3rd Quantified Self meeting yesterday at Rogue Hack Lab, a makerspace in Medford, Oregon. Dr. Dawn Lemanne, who organized the meeting, recorded the event on her mobile, and we’ll post it as soon as it arrives. One especially interesting note from this meeting: We hear from Dr. Lemanne that the attendees had…


QSXX Boston Meetup Recap

March 17, 2014

This post comes to us from Maggie Delano, an organizer for QSXX Boston- the Boston Women’s QS Meetup group.  The QSXX Boston Chapter held our fifth meetup on March 3rd, 2014. We had a guest Amy Merrill from The Hormone Project talk about the direction of this new project. As a group, we discussed how something…


QS NYC Meetup Recap

October 29, 2013

This guest post comes to us from Konstantin Augemberg who covers many interesting Quantified Self topics and his personal tracking experience on the wonderful MeasuredMe blog.   On Monday, September 30, Quantified NYC group has held its 23th meetup. The event was graciously hosted by Projective Space which offers collaborative community space to over 60 startups. With…


Quantified Self Louisville: Fall 2012 Meetup Recap

October 9, 2012

This guest post comes to us courtesy of Chris Hall, our wonderful Louisville Meetup organizer.  Two weeks ago I threw a Quantified Self Meetup in beautiful downtown Louisville, and I’m writing this post, two weeks later because I’ve finally come down from the experience. We had a total of four speakers and 13 people show up to the…