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Personal Science Conversations #3: “The Patient Experience”

July 13, 2020

In the third episode of Personal Science Conversations, Sara Riggare, Gary Wolf, Thomas Blomseth Christiansen and Steven Jonas discuss how the personal science intersects with the patient experience. Drawing heavily on Sara’s experience as a person with Parkinson’s in the Swedish healthcare system, we look at how individuals can use their personal observations to inform…

Personal Science Conversations  

What did you learn?

March 20, 2019

We’ve posted more than thirty new Show&Tell videos from our conference in Portland, including Professor Allen Neuringer’s remarkable opening talk about what he’s learned from thirty years of doing and teaching self-experimentation.


QS17 Program Updates

June 16, 2017

QS17 is here! We can’t wait to see old friends and meet new people who have never been to a QS conference before. If you are reading this because you are attending QS17, you are in for something special. Our program is filled with engaging talks, fascinating discussions, and informative workshops. Here is a PDF…


Quantified Self Meetup in Prague This Week

April 25, 2017

The Quantified Self group in Prague will be having a meetup this week. The group’s organizer Jan Pavuk, will distill what he learned at the recent BNA Festival of Neuroscience into practical methods and tools that can be used for people’s QS practice. Thursday, April 27 Prague, Czech Republic QS17 To experience more of this…


Steven Jonas: Spaced Listening

April 17, 2017

It’s hard for me to like an album the first time I listen to it. I can almost feel some part of my brain reject the music, even from bands I like, because it’s not familiar. However, after a few listens, the album will grow on me and I’ll find myself humming melodies that I…


Meetup Today in Portland

April 11, 2017

There is a Quantified Self meetup happening in Portland tonight. Mark Leavitt will present an update to his Health E-Seat project (his office chair is a recliner/recumbent bike hybrid). It will feature some in-progress projects on tracking intentions and recording mood and music. The night will end with a talk about my attempt to apply…


Meetups This Week in Dublin and Austin

April 3, 2017

Dublin recently put on a fantastic meeting with a couple of great talks about gut health (which you can watch). They are back at it again, with three speakers on bio-markers related to nutrition. Austin’s theme is nutrition as well, with the main talk on a person’s data collected while losing 95 pounds on a…


Getting to Know the Gut: A QS Dublin Report

March 31, 2017

Earlier this month, the Quantified Self Dublin group got together for an engaging evening of talks on gut health by members of the local medical community. CDSA Explained Francesco Polito, a nutritional therapist, talked about the markers that are found in a Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis (CDSA). This is a test that he has his clients get…


A Night of Cycling: A QS Belfast Report

March 29, 2017

Recently, the Quantified Self community in Belfast came together to learn from an Olympic cyclist on how he used personal data to inform his training. I spoke to Jonathan Bloomfield, QS Belfast’s organizer about how the evening went. Jonny has been running the group since 2015 and was happy to be hosted by Novosco, a…


Bay Area Meetup Recap

March 28, 2017

Last week the QS Bay Area group got together for an evening of Show&Tell talks at the Institute For The Future in Palo Alto. There were talks on gut health, time management, statistics and a self-experimentation lab. The first talk was from Karl Heilbron about a simple experiment where he supplemented his diet with probiotics and had…


Meetups in Denver and Prague This Week

March 27, 2017

The Quantified Self group in Prague will be getting together for a fascinating discussion about Hans Selye‘s work on stress and it how to apply it to one’s life.  Denver will be getting together to explore the concept of flow. Monday, March 27 Denver, Colorado Tuesday, March 28 Prague, Czech Republic