Brennan Moore on Poyozo

October 28, 2010

From the New York QS Show&Tell group: Brennan Moore, co-founder of Poyozo with Max Van Kleek, talks about his thoughts on using life tracking data to help people manage their lives. His vision is to build an automatic personal assistant that respects your time/attention and reminds, recommends, and filters things for you. Watch a demo…


Bethany Soule and Daniel Reeves on Stochastic Self-Sampling

October 2, 2010

From the New York QS Show&Tell group: Bethany Soule and Daniel Reeves talk about self-trickery that helped them get motivated to meet their long-term goals. They each pledged $2,000 one summer – they would lose this money if they didn’t daily follow their “yellow brick road” targets for everything from pushups to desserts to spending…


Marco Castros on the Weighting Chair

August 7, 2010

Marco Castros loves food. He’s also interested in exploring the relationship we have with food, and how it changes depending on the company we are in. Marco spoke at the last New York QS Show&Tell meetup. In the video below, he describes how he hacked his Withings scale and designed a “Weighting Chair” that records…


Taz Delaney on Dreams and Odd Events Journaling

July 22, 2010

At the most recent New York City Show&Tell meetup, Taz Delaney talked about the dream journal he has kept since 1968. He digitized it in 1986 and can now search for every dream he’s had about his mother, or David Bowie, or flying on Saturn. Watch his video below to hear the interesting connections he…


Where Do You Go? Steven Lehrburger Visualizes FourSquare

June 29, 2010

Would you like to see a heatmap of all your FourSquare check-ins? Steven Lehrburger shows a mashup he built called Where Do You Go? at a recent New York City Quantified Self Show&Tell meetup. He combined Google Maps, the FourSquare API, and the GHeat heat mapping library to create surprising visualizations. With amusing audience brainstorming…


Esther Dyson Answers Questions About Genomics

June 15, 2010

At the most recent New York City Quantified Self Show&Tell meetup, Esther Dyson took the microphone to talk about her recent experience at the GET (Genes, Environment, and Traits) Conference. She then answered questions from fellow QS’ers about the direct-to-consumer genome market, public perception (“why on earth would you want to sequence your genome?”), DNA…