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Michael Doherty on OpenRTMS

April 23, 2011

Michael Doherty talks about the Open Source Real Time Mobile Sensor Platform he is developing, which flexibly connects a wide variety of sensors to online databases. He wants to make mobile tracking more accessible, and imagines people using it with their own sensors, as well as kids using it to collect environmental data on class…


Julio Terra on MoodyJulio

April 3, 2011

Julio Terra, a grad student in the Interactive Telecommunications program at NYU, built MoodyJulio after increasingly noticing the role emotions were playing in his life. He wanted to correlate his emotional responses with physiological metrics, activities, and people in his life. It’s like a work in progress to see his emotional landscape in HD. Watch…


Amy Drill on SensorySport

February 17, 2011

Amy Drill is working on a new innovation in applying sensors to sports, specifically muscle training. In the video below, she talks about the spectrum of body metrics that are available now, and how measuring muscle fatigue and giving people real-time alerts can help prevent injury and increase performance. Amy’s startup, SensorySport, integrates lab-grade sensors…