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Andrew Schaaf on QuantMyLife

September 11, 2011

Here’s a quick video from Andrew Schaaf. He built an open source app for the Mac that logs attention and usage data, including your mouse position and which app is at the front of the stack on your screen. The data is private and stored on your computer. If you’re interested in raw data on,…


Michael Schoeffler on Noisy Data

August 25, 2011

Mike Schoeffler from Roadbud talks about the effect of noisy data on self-quantifying. A popular GPS running app had been giving him trouble – magically teleporting him and missing parts of his runs. He found it frustrating enough that he built his own app. Watch the video below to see the interesting discussion with the audience…


Gary Krane on Relationship Technologies

August 14, 2011

Can you quantify love? Gary Krane wants to help couples have happier, stronger relationships. He is starting CoupleSpace as a lightweight version of couples therapy, for the noble goal of creating more love in the world. He has identified 26 needs for long, happy relationships, which are quantified as you use the app. CoupleSpace is…


Cedric Yau on The Well+Tuned Life

July 31, 2011

Cedric Yau trains in kung fu 12 hours a week. He wanted to track his his activity and energy levels, so he created a text-messaging service called Well+Tuner, where he also records notes for how he feels on different days. He learned how to time his food intake and 50 daily supplements for maximum energy,…