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Denis Harscoat on Quantter

March 21, 2011

Denis Harscoat is the founder of Quantter and co-organizer of the London Quantified Self group and the new Paris QS group. He and co-founder Francis Dierick noticed people quantifying their activites on Twitter, and created a simple way to gather this data together. In the video below, Denis takes us on a tour of Quantter…


Quantified Self Amsterdam #2: Recap

March 2, 2011

After about 5 months from the first meetup in Amsterdam, we organized the second meetup. The venue changed from het Volkskrant gebouw to Mediamatic which also sponsored us the venue! I have to add that Mediamatic is a awesome location for QS Meetups. They had an exhibition about early computers and consoles which perfectly fits…


Denis Harscoat on the Quantified Self

September 12, 2010

In the past few months, I’ve gotten to know Denis Harscoat on Twitter. He is the founder of Quantter, one of the organizers of the brand new London QS Show&Tell meetup group, and a genuinely helpful, wonderful person. In the video below, Denis gives an excellent, energetic overview of Quantified Self from his rooftop in…