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Alice Pilgram: My Journey with Diabetes

April 1, 2015

In 2008 Alice Pilgram was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Faced with numerous life changes and having to now track multiple pieces of data, she started to feel overburdened. In this talk, presented at the Bay Area QS meetup group, she explains how a new simple tracking system helped her see the bigger picture.


Akshay Patil: Better Relationships Through Technology

November 6, 2014

“There was nothing in my life pushing me to to have these more intimate relationships, the few people I actually care about.” When Akshay Patil was putting together the guest list for his wedding he realized that it had been a long time since he’d spoken with some of the the people he was inviting….


Cedric Yau on The Well+Tuned Life

July 31, 2011

Cedric Yau trains in kung fu 12 hours a week. He wanted to track his his activity and energy levels, so he created a text-messaging service called Well+Tuner, where he also records notes for how he feels on different days. He learned how to time his food intake and 50 daily supplements for maximum energy,…


Tim van den Dool on Assisted Daily Living

April 17, 2011

Tim van den Dool takes care of his older parents, and has created a system to help caregivers like himself. His ongoing project is called Livind, for Assisted Daily Living. The system monitors elderly people in a non-invasive way to watch for accidents or other irregular things. If something happens, caregivers are remotely notified trough…


Health Hashtags: A Microsyntax for People and Machines

November 8, 2009

With the explosion of microblogging, tweeting, and status updates, it is clear that embedding personal metrics in social tools is on the tips of our fingers and is a natural extension to the personal toolbox. This post explores the opportunity of OHME (Open Mobile Health Exchange), a first-mover in the new world of Microsyntax, and a new…


Self-Tracking Through SMS

November 8, 2008

Just a quick follow up to the last post about Tweet What You Eat, inspired again by Flowing Data and by a telling anecdote from a recent health conference, where I concluded that ubiquitous self-tracking is coming, but perhaps not from the direction expected by many health professionals. At the conference I met the CEO…