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Nan Shellabarger: 26 Years of Weight Tracking

November 26, 2014

“When I look at this, this is the story of my life in these years.” Nan Shellabarger has been tracking her weight for 26 years, including almost daily tracking since 1998. In the talk embedded below, presented at the Washington DC QS meetup group, Nan describes her experience with diving deep into how she’s making…


James Norris: A Life of Firsts

September 18, 2014

Like many of us, James Norris remembers his first kiss. Unlike many of us, he also knows who it was with, where it was, and his age. How does he know this information? When he was 13, he realized that he forgot some detail about his life that he thought was important. To prevent that from…


Tidings: QS Washington DC Show&Tell

July 25, 2014

Today’s Tidings dispatch is from Daniel Gartenberg, co-organizer of the Washington DC meetup group. Read below to hear about their recent meetup. It sounds like a great time and we can’t wait to share the videos from these interesting talks. We had our biggest meetup yet at 1776 – a start-up hub located in the…


Matt Velderman on Improving Skin Health

February 27, 2012

Matt Velderman wanted to figure out his acne problem. He dove into researching acne treatments, tracking himself and modifying his diet and behavior. His approach was to try every possible thing that could help at once to solve the problem quickly, and then remove one thing at a time to figure out a minimal set…


Ewart de Visser on Tracking Trading Performance of A Friend

February 6, 2012

Ewart de Visser had a friend who “didn’t like the whole work thing” and started speculating on foreign currencies. When Ewart asked him how much he was losing in his first few months, his friend wasn’t sure, so they set up a spreadsheet to start tracking his trading performance. In the video below, Ewart describes…


Quantified Self in Washington DC

May 18, 2011

Here’s a quick note from Xaq Rothman for all of you who live in DC: HacDC, DC’s hackerspace, will be hosting a QS Show & Tell this coming Sunday at 6pm. If you’re in the area, come see self-tracking presentations on topics including quitting cigarettes, GPS logging, and songwriting. For more about the presentations: http://www.hacdc.org/content/meet-quantified-self-presenters…


4 New QS Show&Tell Meetup Groups

January 4, 2011

Here’s a quick post for today to announce 4 new QS Show&Tell meetup groups that were recently born: 1. Brussels, organized by Candide Kemmler – Candide has jumped right in, already joining London QS organizer Denis Harscoat in a French radio interview about Quantified Self. 2. Washington DC, organized by Daniel Gartenberg – their upcoming meetup…


Upcoming QS Show&Tell Meetups Near You

July 27, 2010

Don’t be shy – come to a QS Show&Tell meetup!  Say you’ve been reading this blog for a while. You’ve watched some self-tracking Show&Tell videos, read about some of the experiments people are doing, and now you’re thinking of coming out to a physical meetup. Great, this post is for you!  Here is a schedule…