CGM Show&Tell June 13 2023

June 13, 2023

This page is for notes from the QS Show&Tell of June 23, 2023. You can continue the discussion here: QS Forum Thread About the CGM Show&Tell Talks

Zoom recording of the full session is here: QS Show&Tell Talks 6.13.23

You can view slides and find out more about the presenters below.

Sara Riggare: Moderator

Gary Wolf: Did My Metabolism Improve? Link to slides.

Steven Jonas: How Bad is Snacking after Dinner? Link to slides.

Martijn de Groot: Learning to Change My Food Intake. Link to slides.

Thomas Blomseth Christiansen: Ruling Out Pre-Diabetes in Long Covid. Link to slides

Jakob Eg Larsen: Subjective and Objective measures of Blood Glucose. Link to slides.

About Personal Science: Around the world, people use self research and “quantified self” methods to ask and answer questions about their own lives. Topics and motivations are diverse — managing health conditions, self improvement, mental health, or simple curiosity. What connects these is that each person is doing their own research to answer their own questions. We can learn from each other.

About the QS Show&Tell: We use a simple format of short talks to share what we’ve discovered about ourselves with our own data. In these five to seven minute talks we’ll describe “What I did, how did I do it, and what did I learn?” Data will be shown.

About Nutrisense: A number of startups have launched in the past few years to support people using minimally invasive blood glucose monitors to learn about their diet and metabolism. One of these companies is Nutrisense. We recently partnered with Nutrisense to explore using the CGM and their meal and activity app to make our own blood glucose discoveries; in this hour of short talks we’ll share what we’ve learned.

We also welcome you to join our weekly Thursday self research chats, where folks share ongoing work, ideas, and tools. More information is here: Weekly Self-Research Meeting Notes.

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