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Welcome Alexandra Carmichael!

May 25, 2010

Many of those who have been involved with the Quantified Self since we started blogging and having our Show&Tell meetings already know Alexandra Carmichael. Alex is the co-founder of the collaborative health research site, CureTogether, a colleague of our friends at the Institute for the Future, a regular blogger on personal data topics, and a…


FAQ – How To Start Your Own QS Show&Tell

February 3, 2010

We’ve been asked by fans of QS about organizing QS Show&Tell meetings in their own cities. (Along with the Bay Area QS Show&Tell, there is a thriving New York QS Show&Tell, and new Boston QS Show&Tell just getting going.) Below is a basic FAQ about organizing a meeting of your own. While much of it…


QS Resources on Delicious

January 29, 2010

We are trying a new approach to cataloging the many tips we’ve received about valuable resources related to the Quantified Self. We’re going to be using Delicious to tag the links. Self-quantifier extraordinaire Mark Carranza has volunteered to to take the tag stream and munge it into into a better, more useful resource list. But…


QS Show&Tell – Tips for Presenters

January 25, 2010

As we get ready for another big Bay Area QS Show&Tell, I thought I would post some tips for people planning to present. Feel free to add other tips in the comments. These meetings continue to be really fun and inspiring. Now that we are getting bigger, it is probably best to email if you…


Self-Tracking Resource Page

December 18, 2009

We have posted a page of self-tracking resources and links. You can find it right here. It’s pretty basic. If you know of a resource that is missing, let the list-makers know. This list would be 100 times better if there were a line or two annotation for each link, and maybe even a catagorized…


Help Create the QS Network on Ning

June 11, 2009

Thanks to Chris Finlay, the Quantified Self now has a nascent social network on Ning. You can find us here: The Quantified Self on Ning Chris and I were talking about the ideal design and features for this social network, and as I was staring at the blank google doc we created for our outline…



December 18, 2008

Do you follow the QS blog or the QS MeetUp from outside the Bay Area? You are invited to organize your own QS Show&Tell, to replicate the very simple format or to alter and improve it. The QS Show&Tell is an informal meeting where people involved in various types of self-tracking share their tools, methods,…


QS Wiki Invitation

October 24, 2008

This is a quick post to invite QS readers to contribute to the Quantified Self Wiki. The Wiki address is: http://quantifiedself.wik.is/ You must register but registration is open and you can begin contributing as soon as you create a user name – no need to wait for a confirmation email or any other bureaucracy at…


The Quantified Self Wiki (and Blog Comments)

September 16, 2008

The blog for self-trackers, self-surveillance, and self-knowledge also known as The Quantified Self, now has comments turned on. Your hosts are Gary Wolf and myself. We welcome your response and feedback to any posting. You need to click on the red “Actions” button at the end of a post to get to the comment link….