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Bo Adler’s Map Mashup

July 13, 2010

Bo Adler, a regular at Quantified Self Show&Tell meetups in the Bay Area, describes a mapping mashup he built for his naturalist friends who work with Outdoor Education groups. He wanted to capture their location from the pictures they are taking along the Pacific Crest trail, from Mexico to Canada. Find out what he learned…


Dale Larson’s LeanScale App

July 6, 2010

Do you measure your body fat? Former personal trainer Dale Larson tells the San Francisco Bay Area QS Show&Tell folks about his LeanScale iPhone app to help monitor and discover trends in body fat. Dale Larson on LeanScale – Bay Area QS #13 from Gary Wolf on Vimeo.


Dan Brown’s Homemade Sleep Sensor

June 8, 2010

In our final video from the last Bay Area Quantifed Self Show&Tell meetup, here is Dan Brown explaining the microphone he embedded into an air mattress under his bed to track motion, snoring, and heartrate during sleep. He describes how he assembled his invention, the tools he used for analyzing his data, and why he…


Matt Bell Hacks the Sleep-Wake Cycle

June 2, 2010

Matt Bell is a sleep hacker. Having struggled with sleep for much of his life, he now tracks it with Zeo and looks for patterns. In this talk, Matt reveals several factors that he has found to be helpful for getting a good night’s sleep. Matt Bell – Hacking the Sleep/Wake Cycle from Loren Risker…


Eric Boyd and his Haptic Compass Anklet

May 28, 2010

Here is Eric Boyd’s talk about the device he built called North Paw – a haptic compass anklet that continuously vibrates in the direction of North. It’s a project of Sensebridge, a group of hackers that are trying to “make the invisible visible”. Eric Boyd – The North Paw: A Haptic Compass Anklet from Loren…


Bay Area QS Show&Tell #13 – Recap

May 16, 2010

Last Wednesday 100-ish QS folks gathered at Langton Labs in San Francisco for an energized meetup. Langton Labs is “an institute for future living,” where people live and work on cool projects. The meetup was sponsored by QuantHealth – thanks to Alex Jacobson and his team for being the first QS sponsor!  The evening started…