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Stop worrying and start experimenting!

April 15, 2009

In this inspiring talk from the recent QS Show&Tell, author, scientist, and self-experimentalist Seth Roberts explains why worries about experimental design are overblown. You will learn what’s wrong with your experiments by starting to do them.


To see ourselves as others see us

April 14, 2009

Self-tracking is about self knowledge. But what if the knowledge you want is contained in the minds of others? In these videos, Joe and Lisa Betts-LaCroix discuss self-tracking in a relationship, and Paul Sas shares his proposal for a “dynamical dinner party.”


QS SHOW&TELL #5 – Short report

April 1, 2009

There will be video of last night’s great QS Show&Tell coming soon. A big thanks to David Duncan for hosting us at the San Francisco writer’s grotto, where more than fifty attendees packed into the social area, sitting on chairs, couches, and standing in back. These notes were made in passing – I may have…