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Alex Collins on Managing Type 1 Diabetes

June 30, 2014

Last year Alex Collins was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Prior to his diagnosis Alex was frequently engaged in different types of exercise and physical activity. After his diagnosis his doctor mentioned that he might have a hard time exercising and controlling his blood sugar to prevent hypoglycemia. In this talk, presented at the London…


Diabetes, Metabolism, and the Quantified Self

June 13, 2014

This is a visualization of one month of my blood sugar readings from October 2012. I see that my control was generally good, with high blood sugars happening most often around midnight (at the top of the circle). -Doug Kanter Richard Bernstein, an engineer with diabetes, pioneered home blood glucose monitoring. What he learned about…


Brooks Kincaid: A Diabetic Experiment with Self-Quantification

December 11, 2012

Brooks Kincaid has been tracking his blood glucose continuously for the past two years, after 16 years of finger pricking and guessing. In this video, Brooks openly shares what he has learned about the benefits and challenges of continuous blood glucose monitoring and explains his preferred data view, the modal day snapshot.