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Wako Takayama: Line-Dried Clothes Smell So Good

November 14, 2011

Wako Takayama loves the smell of line-dried clothes. She also likes that it’s a way to conserve energy. In this video, Wako reflects on methods she developed to increase energy conservation after moving from an apartment to a home. Her personal experiences resulted in her becoming trained as an energy efficiency consultant and volunteering in…


Dirk Aguilar on Personal Energy Consumption

December 2, 2010

From the Bay Area QS Show&Tell group: Dirk Aguilar shows charts of his energy consumption – electricity, gas, driving, and flying. He annotated his graphs with trips and life changes, and was surprised to learn that while his gas usage dropped during periods of travel, his electricity usage remained high from all of his appliances passively…


Andrew Hessel’s Flight Log

November 14, 2010

From the Bay Area QS Show&Tell meetup group: Andrew Hessel from Singularity University talks about his 2010 flight log. He has traveled 79,922 miles this year – 57 flights, 22 airports, 16 percent of his days in the air. Andrew tracks his flights for the sake of tracking them, with no goal to minimize consumption….


Matt Haughey on Sharing Gas Mileage Data

October 25, 2010

From the Bay Area QS Show&Tell group: Matt Haughey from Fuelly talks about tracking, sharing, and comparing gas mileage data. He tells the story of his efforts to move from 18 to 20 mpg – it required a great amount of concentration, and only ended up saving him $6. Watch the video below to hear…


Bay Area QS Show&Tell #16 – Recap

October 9, 2010

It was another electric night. On Wednesday, 124 people gathered at the futuristic Autodesk Gallery in San Francisco for the 16th Bay Area QS Show&Tell. The theme this time was location, transportation, consumption, and energy. The workshop part of the evening seemed to take off this time, with buzzing groups forming around half a dozen people…


Roundup: Energy Tracking Tools

September 11, 2010

At Quantified Self, we’re starting to put together a complete catalog of all the self-tracking tools out there. We’d love your help to make sure we include your favorite tool, your company, or your project. Self-promotion is allowed! This week’s tool roundup is on Energy. Here are all the energy tools we’ve found so far,…