The Quantified Self Wiki (and Blog Comments)

The blog for self-trackers, self-surveillance, and self-knowledge also known as The Quantified Self, now has comments turned on. Your hosts are Gary Wolf and myself. We welcome your response and feedback to any posting. You need to click on the red “Actions” button at the end of a post to get to the comment link.

To further leverage the emerging community of folks interested in self-tracking tools we’ve started:

The Quantified Self wiki at

The Quantified Self Forum at

Any new show-n-tell meetings for Quantified Selfers will be scheduled at this Meetup site.

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4 Responses to The Quantified Self Wiki (and Blog Comments)

  1. 2011-July UPDATE

    The wiki and forum are back, and for good.

    The Quantified Self wiki is at

    The Quantified Self Forum is at

  2. Matthieu says:

    Hello everyone,

    We are six french students from both engineer school and business school and we are studying (on behalf of a french company) applications that use wireless technologies.

    As we decided to focus on the field of sports and more specificaly on the measurements of physical and sport activities, we thought this questionnaire could interest you!

    In order to understand your needs and try to answer your wishes, all your answers will be a great help.

    Here is the link of the questionnaire:

    We thank you all.

    Best regards.


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