Second Quantified Self Show-n-Tell

The second official Quantified Self Show and Tell will take place this Thursday evening, Oct 23. 

Our first meeting last month exceeded our expectations, both in the number of people who came and the sophistication of the self-tracking projects that were shared and discussed. It was a real blast. Almost 30 folks showed up. So we decided to do it again. Since the last meeting maxed out the capacity of the location in my studio, with people sitting on the stairs, we are holding this month’s Show&Tell, appropriately, at The Institute for the Future, in Palo Alto, where there is room enough for all. (The Institute for the Future is a general purpose consultancy built around future studies.)

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The format will be simple. We will have some extremely brief introductions, list some of the areas of interest, and move on to the Show&Tell. If you are self-tracking in any way – biometrics, mood monitoring, life-logging, DNA sequencing, etc. etc. – please come and considering sharing your methods and results. We’ve got some new things to show also.

For details go to the Quantified Self Meetup page.

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