QS SHOW&TELL #5 – Tonight!

The next QS Show&Tell is tonight. Please come and bring your enthusiasm for self-tracking and
self-experiment. You and your graphs, spreadsheets, biometric devices,
practical solutions and crazy notions are all welcome.  We are meeting
at The SF Writer’s Grotto courtesy of David Duncan. David is a QS
member who has made an amazing tour of personal metrics and
personalized medicine in the course of researching his book, Experimental Man. I have advance word that Seth Roberts and Alexandra Carmichael will also both have something to show, and of course you are welcome to sign up when you arrive if you’d like to give a short talk. As usual have a social/networking hour from 6 pm to 7 pm. Please do sign up via the MeetUp page if you plan to come so we have some idea of the number.

(I’m also going to give a talk tonight. It will last 20 seconds and consist of instructions on the correct pronunciation of “Likert scale.”)

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One Response to QS SHOW&TELL #5 – Tonight!

  1. kare anderson says:

    From their sex to our neuro-environ-genomic future, the show and tell topics last night + the mingling time before and after were fascinating for this first-timer.
    So many smart, curious, generous self-trackers sharing their projects and insights for helping each other. Kudos to all the people who made it possible. I’m returning for the next one.

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