Tweet Sheet – (Plus QS SHOW&TELL #6 – Tonight!)

Tonight’s Bay Area QS Show&Tell will be fun and interesting. There are a number of people who have told me in advance that they have something to show, and as always you are welcome to present your self-tracking projects spontaneously as well. Our host is Orange Labs, the research and development group of France Telecom; courtesy of QS’er Steven Rose.

As usual there will be a social hour from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m., and then very short presentations until we run out of either presentations or time: we end at 9 p.m. Please come and enjoy yourself.

For regular info on the Bay Area Show&Tell meetings, you can sign up here:
The Bay Area Quantified Self Meetup Group.

New York readers can join this one:
The NY Quantified Self Meetup Group

And if you don’t live in one of these cities, but would like to organize a QS Show&Tell anyway, contact us here or via MeetUp. We’ll be glad to help.

In honor of the informal spirit of QS, here is a fun video demo by QS’er Garfield, who has been experimenting with what is possible using Google Docs. Garfield posted a link to some of his explorations in the comments to Joe Betts-Lacroix’s demo of how to use Google Docs to make a mobile self-tracker. As you can see, Google Docs also offers interesting possibilities for display and sharing. Garfield’s demo is about implimenting a personal Twitter clone using Google docs, but the method he’s suggesting could be used to imbed many different kinds of personal tracking data into a stream for web display.

We’re not shilling for Google here, but it turns out that Google Docs is pretty powerful for data collection and display. As for data analysis – well, that’s a different story, and a topic for a different post…

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