QS Show&Tell #8 Tonight! (Monday)

At the last QS Show&Tell, long time QS participant Paul Sas made
an important critical comment about self-tracking. He said that he noticed a lot of “write
once/read never” projects. Data collection: is it
an end in itself? Or do you want to do something useful and interesting
with your data? This is the theme for Monday’s talks.

For this meeting, we return to the
spacious, comfortable, and conveniently located offices of our generous
friends at the Institute for the Future in downtown Palo Alto. IFTF is a
few steps from the Caltrain stop, across from the main entrance to the
Stanford campus. For full details, check out our Quantified Self MeetUp page

As usual, we will have a social hour from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m., start the talks promptly at 7, and end by 9.

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  1. Matt Bell says:

    Gary — I’m not sure where you wanted me to post this, but here’s the information on the “expanding fluid intelligence via working memory” study:
    Some further information I collected on it, including follow-on research and various implementations:

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