Steve Brown on Augmenting Your Brain

Complete notes and reference links from Monday night’s terrific QS Show&Tell will be up later in the week, with an assist from Mark Carranza’s amazing idea archive. In the meantime, Steve Brown has shared the slides from his rapid-fire talk about 3banana. Steve had the misfortune of going last during an incredible, crowded meeting, and I’ve asked him to come back next time and go first, so he can have some time for back and forth with everybody. He has being working in this area for a long time, and I know there will be lots of questions.

Steve is the founder of a company called 3banana. He talked about augmenting the brain through enhancing working memory. When he returns, some QS folks may also want to ask him about his last company, Health Hero, a pioneer of self-monitoring that was acquired last year by the Bosch Group.

Thanks again to everybody who showed up on Monday night! 

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