Welcome, New Readers!

Here are some helpful links if you are new to this blog. QS is a collaboration of users and tool makers interested in self-knowledge through self-tracking. For more on this, go to our About page.

Along with posting to this group blog, we hold regular “Show&Tell” meetings where you can hear short, interesting accounts of self-tracking projects, or present your own experiments and results. There are active groups in the Bay Area, New York City, Boston, and Sydney (Australia). The links in this paragraph will take you to the appropriate page on MeetUp.com, so you can sign up for advance notice of meetings.

No Show&Tell in your city? Read this: How to Start Your Own QS Show&Tell

The links below are a good way to sample the blog and get a sense of the range of things we talk about.

Bay Area QS Show&Tell meeting described

New York QS Show&Tell meeting described

The false god of coffee (Robin Barooah’s caffeine experiment)

remarkable life logging project by Ben Lipkowitz

as self-tracker – Bob Graham’s notebooks

happened to my brain? (Seth Roberts’ cognition experiments)

quantified tennis serve

I stopped tracking

Everyone is welcome. If you track yourself or are interested in the
idea, please join us!

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2 Responses to Welcome, New Readers!

  1. Sayani says:

    This article intrigued me- All self Quantifiers should read this – but provides insight.
    ps. don’t know where to ommunt on this so I just placed it here

  2. Bryan K. O'Rourke says:

    Really enjoyed your recent article in NYT Magazine. I’ve been lecturing on the impact of technologies on wellness and fitness industries and was unaware of your group. Hope the book is coming along well and let me know if I can lend any support. Today I posted on your article and shared it with my colleagues http://bit.ly/bda4fo . Thanks Gary

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