Building QS Apps: What Do Users Want?

Earlier this week I organized an open invite brown bag lunch in San Francisco with HCI researcher Ian Li. We had a lively discussion of some leading edge issues in application design of self-tracking systems, with an emphasis on what new users might expect, want, and experience. Ian has been doing a lot of prototype research, designing systems, observing  behavior, conducting follow up interviews, and measuring effectiveness. I learned a lot from this informal seminar. Thank you to Bill Jarrold, Andrew Hershberger, Dave Marvit, Greg Biggers, and of course Ian Li. For those who wanted to come but couldn’t make it, here is an excellent slide presentation about the current state of Ian’s research.

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2 Responses to Building QS Apps: What Do Users Want?

  1. chris finlay says:

    Great presentation! Really concise presentation of the tracking experience.

  2. Alexandra Carmichael says:

    Hi Ian,
    Awesome, thanks for sharing! I’m sorry to miss your visit this time, but look forward to seeing you at IFTF soon. :)

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