Note: Transferring to New Server

The contents of this blog will be transferred to a different server over the next few days. Hopefully readers won’t witness any disruption in access but there always seem to be a hiccup or two in these migrations. Careful readers may notice a slight change in appearance once the blog arrives on its new server. This is natural evolution at work. Since The Quantified Self will no longer run on, the former KK* navigation design will be missing. Over the next few months new discussion and chat features will probably be be added as we try to keep improving the site. Changes in the design will keep up. To that end if you have suggestions about how to make this blog better, or would like to participate in making it better write Alexandra or Gary.

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5 Responses to Note: Transferring to New Server

  1. Matthew Cornell says:

    Congratulations on the switch, Kevin. It’s looking good, and the new features will be exciting. — matt (

  2. Dale says:

    The feed after moving to the new site doesn’t appear in Google Reader.

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