Sleep Patterns by Artist Laurie Frick @ Edward Cella in LA

Over the summer at NYU’s ITP Camp for adults, I met the artist Laurie Frick who was making some breathtakingly beautiful sculptures and installations that looked a lot like our QS charts and spreadsheets. I encouraged Laurie to take a look at the data our community was producing.
In Laurie’s words, “I genuinely think there is something inherently comforting in the visual pattern of daily activities both, sleeping and waking.  I started using Ben Lipkowitz‘s daily activity charts, and then got hooked on tracking my sleep data as well.” She draws from neuroscience to construct intricately hand-built works and installations to explore the nature of pattern and the mind.
If you’re in LA, make plans to attend the opening reception on Saturday, February 12 from 6-8 at Edward Cella Art + Architecture or check out the work through April 2nd.
Laurie will also join us in May at our first Quantified Self Conference and will have lots of stories to share with us.
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3 Responses to Sleep Patterns by Artist Laurie Frick @ Edward Cella in LA

  1. Matthew Cornell says:

    I like Laurie’s work, and how it ties the two realms together – art and self-tracking. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Alexis Kharel says:

    She is amazing, and so is her work. I do not think that there is anyone out there who can translate this type of scientific data into such visually tactile works of art the way that she does. I am anxious to experience the exhibit!

  3. Would be interesting to hear her speak about her work!

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