When Quantified Self Goes Overboard…

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4 Responses to When Quantified Self Goes Overboard…

  1. Matthew Cornell says:

    Quite funny, Ernesto. This came up in my Think, Try, Learn when I was talking with a professor at a university about the experiment-driven life. He asked about types of experiments people might do, and I mentioned relationships as one category. He thought it was ‘a little creepy’. I don’t see it that way. With respect to the cartoon, I think there are two things to keep in mind when experimenting with someone else. First, do respectful and ethical experiments. And second, maybe keep it to yourself :-)

  2. Ernesto Ramirez says:

    Matthew – You bring up some good points. I just wanted to highlight a comic I found while perusing the internets that I thought the QS community would like :)

    Your idea about quantifying relationships reminded me of a great This American Life radio broadcast. The show was called Numbers and it dealt with a few stories about quantifying things that were never meant to be quantified. Interestingly enough the first story was about a couple who attempted to quantify and report the nature of their relationship. I don’t want to give away too many details, the broadcast speaks for itself. Give it a listen here: This American Life – Numbers

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  4. Jscott says:

    Having to keep it to yourself (unless it is in the big three things that you do not talk about) seems telling that the relationship needs to be killed.

    Humor was noted however ;P.

    Q.S. is, for me, a personal pinball machine. I feel no need to geek my partner out.

    I wonder how many Q.S. couples are out there? It would make for a neat interview.

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