Quantify Your Way to Health and Longevity

At the Quantified Self Conference, coming up May 28-29 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California, we’ll be having a participatory breakout to explore the topic of Personalized Life Extension: what can each one of us do to quantify and optimize those factors that affect our individual health and longevity.

We’ll kick off with a quick summary of a few of the results of the conference on this topic held here in the Bay Area in October. Then we’ll open it up to everyone’s input: What are you measuring now, what have you learned, any clear advances in your health and physical condition, mistakes to avoid, etc.


• Is it worth getting your DNA read by services such as 23andMe?
• Is the Zeo sleep monitor useful?
• What quantifiable, scientifically-verified benefits can be expected from meditation?
• Which nutritional supplements, if any, are worth taking?
• From a longevity perspective, is it possible to overdo exercise?
• Does intermittent fasting give positive results?

In addition to benefiting attendees personally, this input will be used to guide planning of the next Personalized Life Extension Conference in early 2012.

Note: The QS Conference is still over a month away, and based on the number of tickets left, it is virtually certain to sell out. I would strongly suggest getting your ticket NOW to avoid disappointment. Hope to see you there!

Christine is chairman of the Personalized Life Extension conference series, president of Foresight Institute, and originator of the term ‘open source software’.  Contact her at peterson@foresight.org.

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